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Herritage Elite treated my mom like a queen. Clean, safe and extremely caring in everything they did for Mom. We love Herritage and highly recommend this exceptional retirement facility.

David Lindsay

My favorite thing about Herritage Elite is the feeling of community.  Mike and Lori along with the staff treat my dad like he is part of their family. The common spaces lend themselves to gathering which leads to building community among the residents, so they also have become like family

Pam Mazingo

My mom moved into Herritage Elite on the 1st of September 2018. She was a loving lady and received love and care from staff and from other residents. She enjoyed the home cooking, and I’ll add I enjoyed as well during pre-Covid conditions. From the owners to all the staff and “the neighbors”, I would highly recommend this facility for my loved one, and even me when I need this level of care.

Allen Ham

Michael and Lori are very good Christian people.  They see that the place stays very clean and has beautiful flowers around it.  They have it decorated beautifully on the inside.  I like all the staff here.  I think the rent is very reasonable.  We have a very nice staff here.  I don’t know any other place away from home I’d rather be.  Michael and Lori come into the dining room sometimes and talk about the Lord.  Mike would make a very good preacher.  I like to listen to him.  Everyone who feels like it can go with the group on a trip on Wednesdays.  Also, we have a young man that comes in three times a month and plays his guitar and sings.  I love Michael and Lori.  They have been very good to me.

Edna Taylor

I came to Herritage Elite five years ago. I wasn’t planning to come that soon but after coming to visit a friend, the Lord put it on my heart that this is where I needed to be.  After visiting with my daughters, we all were so impressed with the place and the people that I decided to move in.  I have been blessed and content and happy ever since.  The people who work here are Christian people who are interested in our welfare and comfort. I would recommend it to anyone. 

Jennette Wasson

Mike and Lori, I want you to know how much I love and appreciate all you do at Herritage. I have fallen in love with you and this place. Love you, a friend in Christ…

Vicky Wise

I Highly Recommend!! My mom lived there a while. She loved it!! Thank God she was able to return home after minor surgery!! She still to this day is wanting to return if she ever needs to!!! Thanks so much for the love and support given to her!!!!

HC Gladson

There is no other place like it. The peace of mind they’re safe, fed good and a phone call if anything is not quite right. The staff is awesome and cares for my parents like family.

Jennifer Sutton Blackmon

The facilities are kept clean. The staff is magnificent and always easy to talk to. Herritage is a well run machine. The people are happy here and there is a lot of laughter. You also keep your independence. There are Bible studies and entertainment. There is a beauty salon on site. There are nice places to sit and enjoy yourself. Tenants help each other when needed. Herritage has bus trips on Wednesdays to go shopping, to the movies or out to eat. Every other Friday we have steak or seafood and the menu is not boring. Lori Ingalls is always looking out for your entertainment and for your best interests.

Jim Brady

Here is what I enjoy most about living at Herritage Elite: The caring atmosphere among the residents; The fellowship among the residents; The meals served daily; The kindness of the staff for each resident; The variety of activities offered including: weekly trips out of town for a meal; In house library; TV church service; prayer before meals; Bible study; musical performances; card games; bingo; exercise classes.

Catherine Sheppard

Calling Herritage Elite was the best phone call that my sister ever made! Our mama needed to make a change after the passing of our daddy. When we mentioned Herritage Elite she said, “That is a nice place, but I cannot afford it.” We suggested visiting just to get more information. Mama was ready to move after talking with Mike and finding out that it is affordable. Everyone at Herritage Elite is now a part of our family. We find comfort in knowing that Mama is loved and taken care of while still enjoying her independence. We are blessed and so thankful to be a part of the Herritage Elite Family.

Susan Jones

If you can’t be at home, THIS is the place to be! Beautiful surroundings, staffed with folks who really care about you and who serve some awesome home-cooked meals!

Greg Cauley

The absolute most wonderful place next to Heaven. Mike and Lori are wonderful and have so much love for each person that lives in this home. The employees are great, caring and loving as well. My mom lives here and I love to come stay with her, the love you feel from everyone is overwhelming. A good Christian Home.

Linda Gayle Butler

Our family is so impressed with the facility and staff at Herritage Elite. Mom is very happy there.

Gail Harper Chandler