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Retreat at White Lake, NC

How many senior retirement communities have a beautiful lakefront retreat that their residents can take day trips to and be treated like royalty? There is only one that we know of, and it is Herritage Elite.

Michael and Lori own a beautiful lakefront home at White Lake, NC directly on the lake, and they have 6 cottages that are now being renovated on the same site. The lake house has gone through a major renovation project, the main focus of which has been to have a place to carry the senior retirement residents to a beautiful place and enjoy cookouts, the lake house, and all the water activities. Whether a resident wants to just sit on the back porch and watch the boats go by, swim in the water, or sit in the breeze on the covered pier, it is a wonderful way to spend a day.

Once the renovation of the cottages is complete, Michael and Lori hope to be able to use them to provide a place at the lake to advance the Lord’s Kingdom, and the teaching of His word.

The lakefront retreat has been especially beneficial during the Covid 19 lockdown period. Herritage Elite carried the residents to this beautiful place so they could have a sense of normalcy during a period of unprecedented times.

From early 2020 up to mid-2022, there have not been any Covid-19 cases. This was 100 percent due to the protection and blessing of the Lord. Michael and Lori give their Lord and Savior the glory, honor, and credit for His protective hand. In early 2020, they put red ribbons over all the doors to all the buildings to signify their trust in God, that they had faith that He would protect the residents, and in return, they would give HIM all the credit and the glory. This is exactly what has happened.

Michael and Lori ask that you spread this story and show people that the Lord still answers prayer.  They ask that you pray for them and for each resident that calls Herritage Elite their home. One of the major reasons that Michael and Lori went into the senior retirement business was to do the Lord’s work with seniors.